Entrepreneurship 101 – What Makes a Trend?


Trendy means “fashionable.” It can also mean “currently popular or current.”

Whether we’re talking about fashion, food or music, trendy is something that seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s important to be able to spot and respond to the trends that will help your business.

The Museum at FIT in New York is celebrating the history of trends through its exhibit, Trend-ology. The exhibit includes clothing from the 1700s to the present day, and examines how trends have evolved throughout the years.

It’s not always just about the latest trends; if a trend isn’t something you want to wear, it can be quite annoying. For instance, wearing a pair of mukluks might be trendy in Alaska during winter, but they’re not necessarily popular in Jamaica during the summertime.

A Trend is a type of change in a product or idea that becomes popular and is usually reflected in the design or marketing of other products or ideas. A trend is usually short-term and changes quickly, but a fad can be long-lasting.

People love to wear clothes that are on-trend because it means they’re fashionable and current. They also love to be unique, which is what makes trendy clothes so appealing!

What Makes a Trend?

The term trend was first used in the financial industry to describe shifts in the markets. Now, it’s also used in the field of fashion to describe trends and changes in the design of clothes, shoes and accessories.

For example, a black dress was a popular item of clothing in the 1920s and is still very much on-trend today. That’s because designers have redesigned the style in ways that appeal to a modern generation, like Coco Channel and Jean Potou did in the 1920s with the ‘Little Black Dress’ (or LBD).

But while trends are often fun and exciting, they can be confusing. For example, the “80s” look was unfathomable to some because it had big hair and bold colors, but today we see this rebirth of the era with designs that are more flattering on younger generations than before.

When it comes to fashion, a trend can be anything from a new color to a new style of clothing. For example, yellow became a trendy color in the 18th century because it symbolized exotic power.

And it continues to be a very popular color in many different cultures today.

There’s a saying, “It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.” It’s the way you choose to express your personality with your style. Putting on a piece of designer clothing that doesn’t reflect who you are isn’t going to make you feel good, and it can definitely hurt your image.

It’s a lot of people’s mistake to spend a lot of money on designer clothes just because they think it will make them appear more upscale or fashionable. But you can actually look great and be your best self when you put together an outfit that reflects who you are.